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Mary Keck is a media professional whose work has been published in print and online publications.

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The Herald-Times

Student's quick action averts potential tragedy | The Herald-Times

It was on Dec. 10, during a routine ride home on bus No. 186 from Grandview Elementary School, that 11-year-old Logan Combs took actions that now are being called heroic.

The Herald-Times

IU offers to expand role of faculty in dual credit high school courses | The Herald-Times

Indiana University is starting a pilot program that could help keep dual credit courses in place for high school students, and it has piqued the interest of local educators.

The Herald-Times

Parents sit in for kids on practice ISTEP test | The Herald-Times

It wasn’t students testing their math and English skills at Edgewood Intermediate School on Friday. Instead, it was parents sitting down in front of Google Chromebooks to take the ISTEP stress test.

The Herald-Times

IU scholars helping Fairview students with reading skills | The Herald-Times

It wasn’t quiet in the Fairview Elementary library this week. Instead, the hum of students reading aloud filled the air. Fairview’s pupils and their parents sat down for pizza and reading with Indiana University Herbert Presidential Scholars.

The Herald-Times

Inmates read to their children in recordings | The Herald-Times

It’s behind a steel door, under a gray ceiling and surrounded by white concrete walls that Burshone Conner, an inmate at the Monroe County Jail, reads Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham.”

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The Herald-Times

'Willingness to fall down' just part of mastering skateboard | The Herald-Times

To be a skater, you may need to wear a helmet, elbow pads and wrist guards, but 13-year-old Logan Cox isn’t worried about the scrapes and bruises. He says getting on a skateboard is a way of protecting himself against other dangers.

The Herald-Times

Marking 50 years of giving kids a Head Start The Herald-Times

It’s unanimous. What makes kids happy to go to South Central Community Action Program Head Start every day is playing with their friends.

The Herald-Times

Binford students shop for food bank | The Herald-Times

With sales ads and calculators clutched in their hands, 125 third-graders from Binford Elementary School hit the aisles at the Kroger grocery store on College Mall Road.

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The Herald-Times

MCCSC faces cuts to faculty, programs if referendum isn't renewed | The Herald-Times

The prospect that Indiana’s new education reality would mean permanent losses for their kids persuaded taxpayers to answer the school district’s call for help, and more than 60 percent of voters said yes to a referendum that sought a six-year, 14-cent increase in the property tax rate.

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The Herald-Times

Tiny bakers make Brazilian goodies at Childs | The Herald-Times

“Butter tickles,” said Childs Elementary preschooler Mia Arterberry. She clapped her tiny butter-covered hands together and held them out for a drop of chocolate dough.

The Herald-Times

8 strategies put forth to fight teacher shortage | The Herald-Times

“It’s been a long journey from excellent debate and conversation, lots of great ideas, some critical reflection on our practice. Some of those conversations were hard conversations, but they were important conversations,” said Sandi Cole, director of the Center on Education and Lifelong Learning at Indiana University, and one of 49 members of the task force.

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The Herald-Times

Hoosier Hills Center students shaping metal, futures | The Herald-Times

Walk into the CNC mill operators class at Hoosier Hills Career Center, and you’ll see it isn’t a traditional shop course.

The Herald-Times

Bloomington North teacher receives Distinguished Alumni Award from IU | Passing Notes

For Pat Wilson, a teacher in the Monroe County Community School Corp. since 1973, teaching means getting students excited about using their knowledge to solve local and global problems.

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The Herald-Times

Veterans, students work together on leadership skills | The Herald-Times

Blindfolded and carrying life rafts over their heads, teams of Childs sixth-graders were practicing skills such as leadership, communication and critical thinking. They were giggling, too.

1389595 schools go green with reusable lunch trays article
The Herald-Times

Schools go green with reusable lunch trays | The Herald-Times

Students in MCCSC high schools are eating their lunches from trays with images of Cougars and Panthers these days, but it isn’t the mascots that learners are excited about.