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Mary Keck is a media professional whose work has been published in print and online publications.

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Mechanics keep IU Campus Bus engines running in the dark and cold | Inside IU Bloomington

Bright bus headlights guide the way for Doug Shelton, Campus Bus Service lead mechanic, as he walks in the dark through IU’s bus fleet early in the morning.

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Inaugural Portuguese class in the Summer Language Workshop at IU offers intensive learning in a family atmosphere | Inside IU Bloomington

The School of Global and International Studies at Indiana University is offering a new Portuguese program in its Summer Language Workshop that feels more like a family gathering than a class.

New rent-a-plant program at IUPUC takes a bite out of pest problems | Inside IU

Faculty and staff are all abuzz about a new rent-a-plant program at IUPUC that allows employees to borrow a carnivorous plant that eats gnats and fruit flies in their office space.

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The ins and outs of parking appeals | Inside IU Bloomington

If you're parked on campus and get a ticket, submitting an appeal offers a chance to get the fine waived or reduced.

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IU dietitian makes students feel at home, one meal at a time | Inside IU Bloomington

For students with food allergies or vegetarian diets, visiting a prospective college campus is not just about the academics, it’s about what’s on the menu. That’s where Rachel Noirot, a registered dietitian with Residential Programs and Services, comes in.

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Civil War painting returned to its place in the IMU's Memorial Room | Inside IU Bloomington

After being on display as part of the Indiana State Museum’s bicentennial art exhibit for about seven months, a Civil War painting by William McKendree Snyder has been returned to its place in the Memorial Room in the Indiana University Memorial Union.

IU interior design students get real-world experience with Lotus | Inside IU Bloomington

Juniors and seniors in IU lecturer Jonathan Racek’s interior design class put their knowledge to the test when they came up with ideas on how the Lotus Education and Arts Foundation building might take shape after renovations.

Vella Price, an IU employee for over 30 years, takes pride in being a women’s basketball pioneer | Inside IU Bloomington

As she sits at a desk working on her computer, quietly crunching numbers, processing data requests and pulling together workforce reports, you might not realize that Vella Jo Price, computer coordinator and data manager in IU’s Office of Affirmative Action, is a trailblazer.

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Award honors centennial anniversary of the first African American IU School of Education graduate | Inside IU Bloomington

The IU School of Education honored students in the Balfour Pre-College Academy program with an inaugural Elder Watson Diggs Dreamer Award to honor the first African American graduate of the School of Education.

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IU writers share Indiana’s history in ‘Finding Home,’ a bicentennial stage production | Inside IU

To celebrate Indiana’s bicentennial, the Indiana Repertory Theatre has tapped the talents of Hoosier writers to create an original production: “Finding Home: Indiana at 200.”

Girls develop games, confidence at IU's first-ever GirlPowered camp | Inside IU Bloomington

Laura Wise, GirlPowered camp counselor and IU student, looked over 13-year-old Haley Shelburne’s shoulder at a computer screen. Haley was clicking her mouse, and her face was lit by a screen featuring the character she created for a visual novel.

IU’s annual report on diversity shows progress | Inside IU

An annual 2015-16 Diversity report presented by Vice President James Wimbush at the IU Board of Trustees meeting this week, shows IU is making progress in its system-wide effort to pursue diversity and inclusion....

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IUPUI’s bottle cap collection initiative helps kids, spreads awareness about recycling | Inside IU

IUPUI's Office of Sustainability oversaw a collection of over 800 pounds of bottle caps that were melted down to create a picnic table for local kids.

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University architect retires from IU after nearly 25 years | Inside IU

After a quarter century at IU, Jerry Stuff will leave his position of senior associate university architect with a heart full of gratitude.

IU Poynter Chair examines equivalent coverage during the 2016 presidential election | Inside IU Bloomington

Is it responsible for journalists covering the presidential election to give equivalent coverage to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?